This website is a collection of footballing curiosities that I come across in life, mainly Non-League.

My first match was in 1955 with my Dad, a home game for St Albans City who I then followed for some years until a new relationship meant I started following Watford FC. I followed Watford up and down the football League until a work promotion meant a move just as they reached the Premier League. 

A few moves around the country and  a growing family meant that I only managed a few games, some through work sponsorship of Luton Town and others as and when. My son then decided he wanted to see David Platt play and a trip to Aston Villa was planned but as we arrived he departed but this led to years standing and sitting on the Holte End initially through buying a ticket on the gate and then a season ticket for ten years. He moved on to play on a Saturday and I watched him when I could. We still caught games at Villa when posible and he started supporting his home team Northampton Town with his mates.

My football was the occasional Villa, St Albans and various Non League games and when I retired I decided to watch as many local games as I could and start this Blog to let everyone know how enjoyable, enthralling, interesting and fun this can be. Being retired it gives me a purpose and satisfies my unachieved ambition to be a Foreign Correspondent something I thought impossible when I was starting work life but now realise nothing is impossible.

I hope you enjoy the journey.