Non League Day

Non league day is tomorrow 13th October, a day when the Non-League clubs promote themselves showcasing what is good about local, often community or volunteer led football. These clubs exist primarily on gate receipts and club house sales, the club house being the hub of the local community in some cases. Sometimes the clubs are supported by local benefactors giving back something to their community but in all cases it is the hard work of people for no reward that give us this amazing depth of British football.

The day is usually on an international break weekend when the senior league clubs are not playing and often non-league clubs promote attendance through special offers, e.g. free for under 16’s, discounted entry if you show your season ticket for another club that is not playing due to the break. Please get out there and give support where you can.

Another great supporter of Non League football is the Non-League Club Directory which this year is celebrating its 41st edition. This is an amazing book of information about many hundreds of clubs and players. Although available now , mine usually comes on Christmas Day and gives me hours of pleasure at this leisurely time of year. I can’t wait.


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