Back Lanes and Muddy Pitches


‘Back Lanes and Muddy Pitches’ by Robert Rowell:  Published by Zymurgy Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne 2004

This is a fascinating and funny insight into Robert Rowell’s footballing and general life. Like many he dreams of becoming a famous footballer and like most he doesn’t achieve it in the professional game but has outstanding ability at the level he plays. That level is in the street, the park, school playing fields, Sunday League and he has an international career due to jobs in Italy and France.

There is a poignant passage when he realises that there is a better player at school. He manages to survive the harshness of Sheffield Sunday League football which he loves and can play a blinder after the blinder of the night before. He is fated in Italy but it all turns to dust.

Robert luckily has a relative who becomes a professional and international footballer and he is able to reach heady heights through him.

To say a lot more would be to spoil the book for someone else. This £2.49 copy from  an Oxfam Book Shop was a joy and I would recommend it to anyone. It is easy to read but not to put down.

Thank you Robert it certainly made me feel a footballing star.


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