An offer worth taking.


My wife saw an offer for three issues of Four Four Two for only £1 and the temptation was too much.

I remembered the magazine with warmth in its early life as a more grown ups view of football than the then ‘Goal’ or ‘Shoot’. It still has a good feel as a glossy magazine with plenty of great images but seems to be for the elite teams of the Premiership, Europe and beyond. There are still some good written articles about unusual football topics, my favourite being  ‘The Killing of Tommy Ball’ by Paul Brown ( The Only Football League Player to be Murdered). An unusual curious topic that I had never heard of before.

My own interest in Non League Football is not catered for here, only a combined 1 page in three issues and then some of the content was a bit superfluous. Missing a trick in my view with many of these clubs now running boys, girls, mens womens, Saturday and Sunday League teams that add up to a good potential audience. Why no review of Chichester City’s amazing run and luck to get them into this weekend’s FA Cup second round?

I will not be continuing with the magazine but I am sure that many do enjoy it and new readers should at least give it a go, especially if they see this offer.

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