Arguably a Love Story



The 42nd edition of Non- League Club Directory arrived at Christmas published by MW Publishing edited by Mike and Tony williams  along with a second hand copy of ‘Arguably   A Love Story’ written by Tony Williams published by Mike Williams Publishing 2018.
The directory as usual is packed with information and statistics of the non league game and is a go to reference for players and clubs. Will the publication survive to reach 50 years will be intriguing to watch as the game and the  compilers of the Directory change. Mike Williams has taken over the running and publishing of the Directory and his enthusiasm for the game is unquestioned. However his editorial article about the folding of Loddiswell Athletic Football Club is unfortunately  being repeated with Sunday and  Saturday teams all over the country.
New teams are starting and existing ones are using their facilities to generate income on match days and beyond and clubs have in some cases embraced the community theme and have developed or are developing a structure of all age teams and genders.
What is key to the game is the administrative side and it is often the retirement of the club secretary who administers the club financed and gets the WhatsApps, texts and  phone calls out to chase and badger everyone to get out there on the pitch. Somehow these people need more support and a means of exchanging ideas.

Well back to the book ‘Arguably a Love Story’.

Written by Tony Williams, Published by Mike Williams Publishing 2018

This book is about Tony Williams life in football and beyond, his playing, administrative, managerial, coaching and publishing career

A Social history of the Non League Game in the last 50 years and undoubtedly a homage to one of its most knowledgeable influential movers .
A quick and easy read that makes you feel good about the game but poses a lot of questions for the future. The game is changing due to social, financial, media, gender and land pressures from the park kick about (if there is a park) to the top of the Premier League.

Tony’s final comment on the back cover of the book captures it all and is an apt epitaph for many who are involved in this intriguing sport.

“I do appreciate how lucky I am to have so many wonderful football memories which have contributed greatly to a very happy life.”


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