I can’t wait for the real season to begin!

Like many I sat down to watch the return of football but came away wondering why.

Now TV showing of Sky TV opening game of Premier League restart.

Villa and Sheffield United played out a dull goalless draw with technology being the only real talking point as Orjan Nyland crossed his line with the ball after catching an average free-kick cross under pressure from his own sides Keinan Davies.

The whole experience for me was soulless with what appeared little passion considering that both clubs had much to play for. The empty stadium meant no theatre with no opposing chants, no happy faces, no body language of despair, just nothing.

I have great empathy for the players who must be so mindful to protect themselves and their loved ones.

I still have the feeling that it is all about money and avoiding legal challenges.

Perhaps it will get better, the play off games should certainly be more competitive and the best news of the day was that Barrow have made a miraculous return to the Football League after being cruelly voted out of the League system in the 1970’s.

The light on the horizon is that I am sure that I will eventually be in a ground somewhere watching an exciting game of football, listening to the crowds sometimes strange comments, basking in the sun, being drenched or frozen to the core. What has been most abundant has been time to plan and the journey looks endless.

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