BOBBY ROBSON-more than a Manager

Bobby Robson; More than a Manager

Presented by NoahX, a Noah Media Group Production.

Written by Gabriel Clarke, Produced by Torquil Jones, John McKenna, Victoria Harrell

Released 4th June 2018

This British film documentary is a sympathetical commentary on a man Gary Lineka says was “the best English Manager of all time” and who would argue against that. It is superbly put together and captures your attention.

Although the film starts with the diagnosis and subsequent surgery for cancer in 1995 and Bobby Robson’s time as Manager of Barcelona it flashes back and forwards to highlight his playing, managerial and fund raising career.

Born in County Durham in 1933 he remained faithful to his roots and stayed anchored to the area until his death in in 2009.

It is a poignant but heart warming film for such dire times. Bobby Robsons humanity, drive, passion, integrity, dignity, honesty and love of football shine through and is honoured by the people he was close to.

Alan Shearer, “He saved my career.”

Pep Guardiolo, “After working with Bobby I wanted to be a manager”. He also wrote to Bobby offering to come and help him at Newcastle. “Nicest person he met in his life.”

Jose Mourinho (who worked as his assistant at Barcelona) talking of Bobby. “a man only dies when the last man who knows him dies.”

Ronaldo said, “I had a lot more to learn from him”, when Barca sold me to Inter Milan. Ronaldo loved Bobby because he trusted him to just go and play and bought him when young, risking his own career.

Terry Butcher, ” I’d go through hell and high water for him.”

Paul Gascoigne and Bobby Robson had a special relationship and it was Bobby who said of Gascoigne that he was “Daft as a Brush”. Gascoigne said of Bobby he was ” On a par with Mohamed Ali in football terms.”

Alex Ferguson, “Helped me when I was a young coach”.

Such comments by football people of the highest calibre say it all.

When you see his achievements, played for England, Managed Ipswich to European glory, England to a world Cup semi final, PSV to cup and league high spots, managed two teams in Potugal, Barcelona to a trebble and revitslised Newcastle you realise he was special.

Watch this film for motivation but be prepared to have a pack of tissues at hand and remember he always said, “Believe in yourself.”

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