All hope gone.

I have been holding off writing a final epitaph to the 2020/21 Non League season for some time but the news on Friday 12th March that the F.A. have rejected the request and proposal from some National League North and South clubs to finish the season.

This followed the previous vote for the National League to continue but a majority of the two Regional Leagues rejecting that option.

So all Leagues below the step 1 National League have now been curtailed and my chances of being able to see another game this season have been ended.

Some of the lower leagues have been trying to arrange knockout cup competitions should crowds be allowed back into stadiums in maybe May/June and the FA Trophy and Vase competitions should be played to a conclusion behind closed doors.

Disappointment but if most teams survive for next season and the maximum number of people are safe you have to accept the situation.

Hopefully I will be able to visit some new and old grounds at the start of a new season that will be able to run to a conclusion.

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