The Non-League Football Paper

With a lack of local football to watch I have turned to the weekly (Sundays) Non League Football Paper for some of my fix but they too are struggling to keep a broad range of interest. They only have the National League and the final rounnds of the Vase and Trophy to repoprt on, some intersting pen pics of clubs and players and a League Table section that gets more aged by the week.

Last weeks issue 18th April 2021 there was a very good full analysis of the FA restructuring of the pyramid system which is now going ahead for the 2021/22 season. Over 220 clubs will move sideways or upwards and as well as the changes there will also be a need for extra upward moves to plug the holes left by those teams who have folded. With cosultation and applications it will take to at least May17th for the final positions to be confirmed which seems a long time and again not giving some teams time to recruit players to their new level and ensure they have the ground, administration and finances in place for the new horizon.

The Non-League Football Paper

We shouldn’t despair of the Paper though as they are trying hard to keep interest going and are in my view doing a fine job despite the situation. To have kept going since 1999 they must be doing some thing good.

There is also an on line version you can subscribe to but it feels great to be able to have a paper format for £1.50 after spending too much time trawling the internet for news and sport.

The most recent reference to any circulation figures I can find was an internet comment by ‘The Telegraph’ on 28th May 2019 that said “With a cumulative monthly circulation of more than 80000, the NLP is Britain’s biggest-selling sports publication.”

During normal times my favourite part of the paper is the two pages showing the lower league tables where you can contrast and compare how all of those locally strange named teams you have visited are doing over two facing pages, without having to keep going into one league at a time on the internet.

Keep going. we need you.

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