Glapwell FC have more than the other teams to overcome.

I wrote a blog back on 15th December 2020 when I excitedly explained the renaissance of Glapwell F.C. With the second level of The Central Midlands League resuming to finnish their season I was able last Saturday to visit Hall Corner and see what was going on.

It was great to re-enter this ground that I had not been to for over ten years. When I last visited it was an evening game which is now impossible because there are no longer any floodlights, taken down some time ago due to vandalism and safety.

I was met with a young boy explaining the new rules at this publically owned arena and asking to sign in through the app. A bucket was on the ground in which people had left contributions if they wished.

There is a sadness in the delapidated areas but a feeling of going places in the friendliness, enthusiasm of the helpers, the tidiness and the playing standard, more of that later.

Glapwell FC may have more than battles on the field to contend with in the future. They have already won battle number one in re-forming and are trying hard through their on pitch efforts to win a promotion. They may be thwarted to rise through the pyramid system because of their ground. They will need to have floodlights in the future and with planning permission being granted to build 62 houses on part of the next door Glapwell Nuursery and 65 other new homes near by may face complaints about those lights being a nuisance. There could also be objections to increased fans arriving and leaving by car in an area that is faced with a major increase in traffic flow in the area resulting from the new housing.

There is a strong local campaign and petition to stop the sale of land close to the ground spearheaded by Tom Kirkham that is underway.

We, the undersigned, petition Bolsover District Council to protect the wildlife and mature trees at the top of Park Ave in Glapwell from development. We ask the council to stop its sale until covenants can be added to the land to keep it as a green, open public space respecting its status as a Bolsover District community asset. The land is one of the few areas of Glapwell that links the village back to its heritage and the old Glapwell Hall. The trees on the land are some of the oldest in the district and they are home to protected species such as bats. The land is much loved by local residents as a space for peace and relaxation.

You can understand all councils looking to sell any asset with their budgets being squeezed by reduced central goverment spending and more tasks being delegated to them from above. Austerity by the back door contiues to blight local representatives everywhere.

Back to the football.

It was a grey overcast day with a few spots of rain in the air and a cool 8 degrees that meant I went straight to get a hot coffee and a chat with an enthusiastic official.

The ground slopes from one end to the other, the grass cover was thick and lush and overall the facilities are much better than most teams of this level.

Glapwell’s opponents Thorne Colliery are believed to have been in existance for nearly 100 years. Based near Doncaster they have played their football in and around South Yorkshire, North Notts, and North Derbyshire for all of that time.

Glapwell FC 6 Thorne Colliery Development Team 0

Glapwell were into their stride from the kick off and with a very lively and skillfull front line it was of no surprise that they took the lead on 8 minutes through Curtis Birchall who from 8 meters out stroked the ball to the right of the diving goalkeepers hand.

Some 7 minutes later it was 2 nil, the goal scored by Chaz Brtadwell after some neat interpassing. On cue a further 7 minutes and it was three nil, Grant Mitchell only having to slide the ball home after a three man passing move..

Thorne steadily came back into the game and started to press having their best phase of the half. They looked unlucky not to be given a penalty but went in at half time well behind. Glapwell’s dominance was achieved by a neat inter passing game as against Thorne trying to beat their man through dribbling with the ball.

The referee turned the players round quickly but there was enough time for the Thorne manager to vociforously put over his feelings and plans for play in the second half.

However with Glapwell now playing down hill it took them only 10 minutes to increase their lead when a corner from Ben Coperstake was met by a thunderous header from Stephan Brown at the far post. This was somewhat dubious as the ball seemed to curve out of play before coming back on to Brown’s head.

A few minutes later Ben Coperstake was upended by the Thorne goalkeeper who received a yellow card and the resulting penalty was stroked home by Chaz Bradwell sending the keeper the wrong way.

The sixth goal for Glapwell came on 62 minutes when Grant Mitchell jinked past two defenders and drove a deflected ball along the ground into the corner of the net.

Glapwell brought on a young substitute Olly Marshall but within 2 minutes he suffered a very painfull leg injury. The pain on his face as he walked round the pitch to the bench was not good to see.

Glapwell did not have a substitute to replace him and played out the rest of the game with ten men for their 6 nil win that lifted them to second in the table.

My man of the match was Glapwell’s number nine Ben Coperstake who was playing out on the right and was unplayable with speedy nuns and accurate crossing and passing that had the Thorne defence in disaray.

I felt sorry for the young Thorne goalkeeper who although letting in 6 goals looked to have the potential to play at a higher level.

Really enjoyed the game and coming to Glapwell. I will be there again next season whatever league they are playing in.

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