She Stood There Laughing.

She Stood There Laughing – A Man, His Son and their Football Club

Written By Stephen Foster

First Published in Great Britain in 2004 by Simon & SchusterUK Ltd

This book is about Stephen Foster, a fan of Stoke City, being loyal to his home team even though he had moved away to Norwich. His journey is through the ups and downs of the lower Leagues and a brief flirtation with the Premier League, but he maintains his long commute to both home and often away games.

He takes his son to a Stoke game and he is surprised that he is bitten by the bug even though his local Norwich City are performing so much better.

The beginning of the book had me smiling, giggling at some of the crazy day and night time visits to see Stoke as it reminded me of some of the mad journeys my son and I made.

For me though the book seemed to peter out in the middle and the unnecessary swearing made me tired of the book. It also seemed odd that the final match in the book, a typical Stoke survival from relegation, which they won, does not get a report on such a vital match.

Sorry I became detached from a book that does give some good fan wisdom of how a club will always be there creating new memories of new players and owners and in many ways many of those gone before will just be a statistic of the past.

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