Season 2021/22 Chip League

Of the 36 games I watched this last season I tasted the chips at 21 of them with 15 offering no chips at all. This year there is a tie for first place on 85, Kiveton Miners Welfare and Folkestone Invicta so I needed to make a value judgement on who the overall winner was. Folkestone’s fan zone and refreshment offering is one of the best that I have seen in Non League Football but I have given first place to Kiveton Miners Welfare. Where else would I have had great chips cooked for me and brought to me in my seat in the small stand at this Central Midlands League Premier North Division ground. Great service deserves the accolade.

This is the fourth season of this league with Shirebrook Town, twice and Ilkeston Town previous winners. I am having to review whether to have the chip league next year as a recent ‘Wellman’ check has shown up a rise in bad cholesterol and I m trying to remedy this by diet. Hopefully I will be successful and can continue this year. I failed to give Shirebrook and Ilkeston the chance to regain their crowns and intend to do this early in the newly awaited season if possible.

Another highlight of the chip year was going to ‘Fields’ in Esh Winning to try their chips cooked on a coal fired range. Although they don’t look very appetising in my photo they were just like I remember as a child. Coal fired chip shops will most probably not be with us much longer.

Football ClubScoreComments
Kiveton Miners Welfare85
Folkestone Invicta85
Belper Town85
Eastwood Town81
Percy Main80
St Albans City80
Emley FC78
Heanor Town78
Hucknall Town78
Newcastle Town73
Sherwood Colliery69
Carlton Town69
Staveley Miners Welfare62
Lancaster City55
Poole Town53
Tow Law Town50
Spalding United50
Belper Town45
Corby Town40
Spennymoor Town35
Hallam FC0Queue too long
Rossington Main0No Chips, Great pie & Peas
Milton Keynes Dons0No Chips
Burnley FC0No Chips
Rainworth Miners Welfare0No Chips
Dinnington Town0No Chips
Loughborough University0No Chips, Fantastic facilities
Esh Winning0No Chips, Fields in village after game.
Barrow in Furnace AFC0No Chips, Good deep filled pie
Wrexhan0No Chips, Poor food for away fans
Montagu Cup Final0No Chips
North Gawber Colliery FC0No Chips
SJR Worksop0No Chips, No 2nd Half
Chesterfield FC0No Chips, England Under 19 game
Mansfield Hosiery0No Chips, Great hot chocolate

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