Football’s Silly Season

It’s not long now untill we have the chance to watch league football. The new fixture lists are cascading down from the Premier League so planning can soon begin.

But at the moment we are in the silly season when there is rumour after rumour to get you to read a story and click onto the pop up adverts, click bait is the name and the game. Unfortunately I get sucked in and have seen Aston Villa linked to buy 4 more squads.

Gareth Bale seems to have been everyone’s favourite click bait and I hoped that he would end up at Cardiff City but they even had that wrong, he joined Los Angeles F.C. But the best prediction was that he is going to join the new Saudi Arabian LIV Golf Series and who knows as he is a very accomplished golfer. Golf seems to have been one of his priorities as he has stated that there are some excellent golf courses nearby his new club.

So my contribution to the ‘Silly Season’ is to review Postman Pat Goes Football Crazy.

This short film was published in 2004 by Woodland Animations Ltd.

Pat is put under pressure to make the village 5-a-side match due to an unusually large post bag to deliver. His dashed round helps to tone him up and improve his ball skills. He gets there just in time despite crashes and a flat tyre and he and his son are the stars in their team’s victory to win the cup.

The football story line is very competent with practice, stats, strategy, warm ups and penalty practice but above all the animation is brilliant.

Whether this helps to frame a new season I have no idea but it is just as relevant as the many predictions in the media.

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