Non-League Club Directory 2022/23. 45th Edition.

The latest version of the directory arrived while I was away in Scotland but a visit to my Royal Mail depot has brought it home for my delight.

Every edition takes a great deal of dedication and hard work and is a wonder that it appears each year.

I once heard an Alistair Cooke’s ‘Letter from America’ where he said that on Christmas Eve to wind down ready for the festivities he would sit in a comfy chair put on the ‘Messiah’ and sip a whisky. The arrival of the directory gives me the same relaxation feeling as I get lost in its content and quietly plan a framework for my season.

Straight away I have found a club I hadn’t considered to visit and it has been pencilled in.

Thank you as always Mike and Tony Williams and all your helpers. I hope you make it to number 46 and maybe number 50.

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