Art of the Terraces

Art of the Terraces – Football / Fashion / Art

Walker Gallery Liverpool, From 5th November 2022 to 12th March 2023.

This exhibition traces The Casuals, supporters of the late 70’s to the early 90’s. The Casusls wore their own brands and styles that had an initial base in tennis and golf wear that evolved. It was later to take up the trainer as the must have footwear with Adidas the favoured make and then specific ranges if they could be sourced.

The fashion had to be seen at the match and had its roots ‘Up North’ in the industrial cities that were reeling from the Thatcher Governments policy of closing heavy industry. The music fashion and art of the time was a reaction to this that gave a sense of purpose at a time of often little hope.

Although the exhibition is predominantly fashion and art focused there is some mention of the the growth of fanzines that were at times critical of the clubs and the game and also highlighted the music of the times.

Thegrounds were also important with their fading facades and names like the ‘Cow Shed’ the ‘Rookery’.

This was aĺ to change with the tragedies at Bradford and Sheffield.

The all seat, hospitality boxes and the birth of the Premiership with eye watering ticket prices and a disconnect with the huge sums of money that entered the game and often the players wages.

This is not nostalgia but a really well put together exhibition that not only informs but males you think.

If you have the time and are in the area it is well worth it.

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