Eriskay where football meets the Ocean.

On a trip to the Outer Hebrides one of the stopping points had to be the home ground of Eriksay FC. It’s fame was cemented when in 2015 the FIFA World Football Museum featured the pitch along with other world gems in their visual display ‘Planet Football’ showcase.

To reach the pitch you drive past ‘The Politician’ bar, bistro that serves good food being named after the SS Politician that ran aground here and its resultant story that was the basis for the film ‘Whiskey Galore’. Having parked I made my way up a hill with the Barra Ferry and the Atlantic behind me. Eriksay’s nearest rivals west are in North America.

I reached the pitch with a blustery wind behind me as rain started to fall. Yes this is an iconic pitch which you would just love to play on. It is bumpy, has scattered animal droppings, a few patches of exposed sand and a rolling surface that goes up in one corner but the view just takes your breath away. It was well worth the drive and climb just to stand there. I wasn’t sure I was in awe of the players or just jealous.

Eriksay FC have been in existence since the 1950’s keeping going with a small and at times diminishing population. Let’s hope they keep going. They are definitely there this summer season being unbeaten after 5 games and only 2 points off the top of the Uist and Barra Football League.

Shame I was not around to see them play.

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