Shirebrook Town F.C. win 2018/19 Season Chip League

Shirebrook Town F.C. won the 2018/19 payonthegate Chip League with the highest score of 85 against 26 other teams.

I wrote at the time of tasting, ‘These were the best chips of the season so far and were provide by a lady from the host club, Shirebrook Town, who is at the ground every week. They were tasty, thick, hot, not spoilt by an oily taste, a score of 85. I was offered American Red salt on the chips which I tried separately and was pleased I didn’t ruin the chips with this spicy condiment.’

This was at a Bolsover home game as they have this season shared the ground with Shirebrook their hosts. The Chips are supplied by the Shirebrook team and I again ate them (this time with gravy on – although I tried some without to check the taste) at the end of the season at a Shirebrook home game and they were still the best. Amazing work by the lady who runs the food hut and to all the others around the grounds who help add a worthwhile extra to the football experience and garner a little extra income for the clubs.

The pictures show the food Kiosk at Boston United, the most professional I visited, the best chips at Shirebrook and the amazing ‘Only Foods and Sauces’at Crook Town on a cold Friday night.



Payonthegate 2018/19 Chip League
Teams Points
FC Bolsover / Shirebrook 85
Notts County 80
Buxton 78
Penistone Church 75
Sheffield United 74
Boston United FC 73
Worksop Town FC 70
Crook Town 68
Lincoln Uniteed 68
Staveley Miners Welfare 67
West Aukland Town FC 65
Alfreton Town FC 63
Salford City 57
Dronfield Town FC 56
Forest Green Rovers FC 56
AFC Mansfield 45
Retford United 43
Aston Villa Football Club 0
Carlisle United 0
Chesterfield Football Club 0
Maltby 0
Parkgate 0
Retford FC 0
Rotherham United 0
Stocksbridge Park Steels 0
Sunderland 0
Vauxhall Motors 0

A special mention has to go to one of the readers of ‘payonthegate’ who sent us this picture from a French League Two game between Nice and Montpellier. They seem to do chips big in France


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