The Far Corner

The Far Corner ‘A Mazy Dribble through North-East Football’ by Harry Pearson – published by Little Brown and Company 1994.


When on holiday you have the time to catch up on those books you have in store. This was another charity shop find and turned out to be an absorbing read.

Harry Pearson is a Middlesbrough supporter and  also a Football Supporter. The book is about Harry’s 1993/94 season and all of the matches he watched. It is not just about each match he attends but also detail on football clubs, leagues, players and fans in the North East.

The book has inspired me to visit some new teams as there are reviews of games including such teams as Billingham Synthonia, Seaham Red Star, Esh Winning Albion, Easington Colliery to name a few.

There is some good humour and colourful detail about players such as Hughie Gallagher and in depth comment on the history of the Northern League.

The humour and idiosyncrasies of football fans shines through, who else would try to find where the Charlton brothers were born and succeed. The holiday was made better by my suppressed laughter.

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