Andrew Watson – ‘The World’s First Black Football Superstar’


Andrew Watson – ‘The world’s First Black Football Superstar’                                      Written by Tony Talburt – First Published in 2017 by Hansib Publications Limited.

This book I found in a nearby Library and turned out to be fascinating. Only 115 pages long it is a quick and easy read and is well referenced for anyone wishing to make further studies.

Tony Talburt sets the historical and environmental outlook in Guyana and Glasgow very well. He also paints the picture of developing battles between Amateurs and Professionals, between Scottish and English tactics and styles of play and the Working Class and the Elite for the future of football.

The time is the mid to end of the nineteenth century and Andrew Watson a blackman from Guyana plays for the two premier teams in the world, Queens Park and the Corinthians as well as the best national team in the world, Scotland. Watson played for Scotland in their 6-1 trouncing of England at the Oval in 1881 and although only appearing on three occasions he was made captain of the national team.

Watson was also an administrator of clubs he played for and helped influence some of the rules of the game.

The book certainly makes a strong case for Andrew Watson’s elevation to the rank of the worlds first black football superstar but Robert Walker of Queens Park (the first black player),  Arthur Wharton (believed to be the first black professional) and Walter Tull (an outstanding  club player for Clapton, Tottenham and Northampton) might all have had a view.

No need to say much more than suggest you get a copy of this book and enjoy.



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