Football will be back.

Public Health is the prime consideration for when football resumes and we will have to wait for that day.

My first football love was St albans City and still a go to on their excellent twitter feed for their scores when they are playing. Over this lockdown period I have been following some fascinating articles about the history of football in St Albans by the club historian David Tavener. I hope that he collates his depth of knowledge and great writing style into a definitive history one day.

Over the VE Day weekend the twitter feed published a copy of the program for the first game played at Clarence Park since the ending of the Second World War which was not played until September 1st. Hopefully St Albans will be playing their first home game by September if it is safe.



st albans program

Looks like it was an exciting game but the notations on the program look as if the person watching was not too impressed.

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