Life’s a Pitch

Life’s a Pitch (The passions of the Press Box)

Compiled and Edited by Michael Calvin

Published by Integr8 Books 2012

I put this book down half read because for Christmas I had been given the latest tale about John Rebus by Ian Rankin. Having read all the previous adventures I had to quickly keep up to speed and as usual I was not disappointed.

I started to rediscover this book but with little enthusiasm as I couldn’t remember much of what went before. I am one of those people who once you start a book you have to finish it. This has meant I have struggled through some poor and difficult books.

Much to my surprise I found I enjoyed the second half.

The book is a collection of selected writings of 18 leading football writers and as explained by Marc Watson in the ‘Afterword’ they were all known to him through their work for BT’s football website.

My favourite chapter ‘Egg and Chips for Two’ by David Walker explains the behind the scenes ownership and management of Leeds United’s last great period, particularly their encounters with the European elite who tried to put them down but were firmly put in their place. Some may argue but most would see the advantage of them being back in the echelons of English football.

The other chapter that fascinated me was ‘The Tony Soprano of Old Trafford’ by Rob Smyth about his love for Rot Keane which was an unusual admission because of Roy Keane’s ‘Marmite’ personality and views. It gave me more respect for the man and his ability to play football and motivate his teammates. He’s subsequent management achievements have not matched his footballing ones but this may all change with the rumours that he is in the running for the vacant Celtic Management job.

A interesting book that brought back memories of the time and shows how football changes so quickly in a decade.

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