How Football Explains the World

How Football Explains the World – (An Unlikely Theory of Globalisation)

Written by Franklin Foer

First Published in the UK by Arrow Books in 2005

This is an interesting book written by Franklin Foer, American writer and editor, who looks into the game of football in various countries and explains how he see’s it gives an insight into what is going on in the world and the character of different groups within countries.

What struck me most was that that Foer was writing obout his experience that globilisation had not changed local identity or culture well before the backlash to globalisation itself. The rise of nationalistic leaders and nostalgic politics have followed his book and perhaps his bold title of ‘How Football Explains the World’ was a very insightful predictor of the future or was the secondary title of ‘An Unlikely Theory of Globilisation’ completely off the mark.

The chapter about Nigerian footabllers being sought by clubs in the Ukraine widening out about Ukraine’s society and their football scene in general was for me was the most interesting.

A chapter on football in Iran gave the impression that there was an udercurrent through football fans that would overthrow the Islamic revolution. Hmmmm.

The British comment regarding fans of Celtic, Rangers, Chelsea and Tottenham gave me a miserable feeling of continuing intollerance and anger which I had thought had diminished. Has it just been controlled in the grounds but not on the streets or in general society.

An interesting book to gain knowledge but not one to uplift your spirits.

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