Saturday Bloody Saturday

Saturday Bloody Saturday: Written by Alastair Campbell and Paul Fletcher

First Published in Great Britain 2018 by Weidenfield & Nicilson

I usually read a novel between the many football books but this time I achieved the best of both worlds by reading a football novel.

It turned out to be worthwhile and very readable. We never get to know which top level football team the story is about but we certainly get to know the characters in the team, the Chairman and his scheming lieutenant, the young apprentice about to break into the team, the new top money signing and the other menbers of the playing and support staff.

Most of all the central character is Charlie Gordon the seasoned manager who is struggling with life and getting results that will lift the team from a drift downwards. He is not helped by his understudy who eyes the top post and sees it within his grasp. Will Chalie Gordon get the League results or a prestigious cup run that will it secure his position for now, will the players respond. many of whom have their own personal battles to conquer.

Running paralell to this is a political story that includes an IRA cell who are waiting instructions to assasinate a senior politician. You also get an insight to these individuals and their lives which may or may not cross over with the football team in some way.

I know I enjoyed the book as I was keen to read more and finish it.

Worth the time for anybody with a football interest especially with holiday time on your hands.

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