The Scottish Football Periodical

Publisher: Ally Palmer Editor:Daniel Gray

Wow, what a find. This publication came of interest to me through reading a Daniel Gray book. I was lucky to get it given to me as a yearly subsciption of £35 (you can pay £10 per issue). This is a quaterly magazine, but what a magazine, packed with 196 pages of superb journalism of all sorts of Scottish Football

At £35 I thought, a bit steep for four magazines, but when it arrived its value was soon realised. This is equivalent to a Scottish Football Fanzine on steroids, a years supply of an upmarket weekend newspaper sports supplement or an Itanian daily football paper, or four standard paperback books and so much more.

I am limiting myself to an article a day to make it last and have so far become an expert of Scottish football reorganisation, a passionate fan of Partick Thistle, followed Rangers revival through the dark years, re-lived the demise of the Saturday evening football paper and why the Qatar World Cup should be boycotted. As someone from south of the border I didn’t realise the depth of the game in Scotland. This magazine is reducing my aimless trawling on my phone and giving me back some good thoughtful writing to read.

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