The 2021/22 Football season takes shape.

We now know the fixtures for the 2021/22 Non-League season which we hope can be started on time and finished in full.

There have been some significant events already in shaping what is to come. The F.A. published the much anticipated restructure of the Non League game below Step 2 to move towards a nearly full pyramid shape for league promotion and relegation. It has meant teams moving up levels and redistributing teams latterally into what is hoped to be more regionalised leagues that reduce travelling and create more local derbies. The Non League Football Paper has published some good graphical accounts of what has happened and reported on some subsequent appeals by teams who felt their new League area was detrimental to their long term existence. These have been reviewed and in some areas reversed e.g. Kings Langley had been moved to the Southern League Midlands but have been subsequently placed in the Southern section where they will have more local challenges.

So here we go into a new world of new and changed leagues that starts this weekend, I can’t wait.

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