‘There’s only two David Beckhams’

There’s only two David Beckhams written by John O’Farrell

Published by Transworld Publishers/Penguim Random House UK 2015

There are infact three David Beckhams in this book in what is a funny novel about England’s plan to win the 2022 World Cup in Quatar with a paralell story about how football brings Dads and Sons together.

The Tony Blair Government in the 1990’s seemed more interested in picking their all time best England Football team (I had to disagree with some of their Choices) than other lofty matters of state. Ending our long history of 55 years without a trophy however was a priority.

Because it was written in 2015 their crystal ball for the 2020 Euro’s was a bit cloudy

The hero Alfie Baker a sports writter of what appears to be little esteem and scorned by some of his peers gets involved in investigative journalism that could make or break his career and a country. The action keeps rolling with funny clips and comedy throughout.

David Baddiel said of this book ‘The funniest football fiction since FIFA’S annual accounts’.

This book needs reading soon before it is out of date. My copy was again fronm the Oxfam Book Shop in Sheffield but I would recommend a copy from any good book shop.

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