Non League Club Directory 2019/2020


Mike Williams publishing. Released on 14th August 2019.

This is an unashamed advertisement for The Non-League Club Directory 2019/2020 which I mentioned last year. Available now from bookshops and on line stores, the following link is to my favourite
This publication is in its 42nd year and has club, league, and team details of many levels of the Non-League game.
It however comes with a health and life warning:
It’s 880 pages make it heavy especially for reading in bed.
You will become delusional and obsessive to research the many unusually named teams.
You may lose a spouse, partner, friends and work colleagues who will become fed up with your incessant enthusiastic reference to facts that you will find utterly interesting and they may find weird.
Sleep deprivation could be caused by not wanting to put the book down.
Work could suffer as you lose motivation due to your brain being overtaken by a mine of detail.

Thank you Tony and Mike Williams for continuing to edit this amazing book.
As every year I have to wait till Christmas for Santa to bring mine.

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